BOI’s newest solutions for the ‘New Normal’

With the gradual opening of Indonesian cities fieldwork involving face-to-face interviews is once again possible in Indonesia. BOI Research is shifting more and more of its fieldwork to online solutions. This enables us to do research, while at the same time dramatically reducing the exposure of our team. Doing online research also means its efficiency and lower costs.

Online In-depth Interviews

Online In-depth Interviews are BOI’s newest solution in conducting 1-on-1 interviews using online conference tools like Zoom or Skype. This solution offers efficiency and lower costs, while still maintaining high quality of insights. BOI ensures that the same research goals or objectives as with traditional face-to-face interviews.

Online mini FGD

We understand that our clients need to obtain diverse insights for their future and current products and services, and FGDs are often used. Now BOI Research offers online mini FGDs as yet another new solution to our clients. Similar to online IDIs, this solution uses online conference tools like Zoom or Skype. To maintain conduciveness and the flow of discussion, we prefer to conduct these online mini FGDs with not more than 4 participants per session. With this in mind, our clients will still receive high-quality data with a more efficiency and lower costs.

Private Online Panel

The challenges posed by the Covid19 outbreak have also forced a rethink on how we do our quantitative work. We understand that we can’t rely too heavily on face-to-face interviews anymore. BOI now offers research through Private Online Panels.

A Private Online Panel is an online community consisting of customers, recruited from the client’s database, that are willing to participate in quantitative & qualitative research. Our Private Online Panel software is start of the art, made by a European expert for platform building. BOI now offers these custom-made platforms, tailormade to our clients’ needs and will help our clients to manage their customer databases for research purposes. These panels enable our clients to regularly conduct research at a fraction of the time and cost compared.

Expert Panel

Next to Private Online Panels, BOI Research also comes with expert panels. Expert Panels consist of a select group of expert respondents that we recruited for their expertise on specific subjects. This panel is offered as a solution when clients need specific input and expertise opinions. The way to conduct this panel is similar to the private online panel, where it is done online. So, any concept or product that needs to be tested will be sent to our experts beforehand.

Concerning the current situation with the ‘new normal’ and limitation on a face-to-face interview, this method offers a faster response to our clients’ demand with a specific target market. This research method will ensure the safety of the panelists and BOI’s team member. For clients, this method will ensure an efficient cost for research and high-quality data considering the experts’ opinions.

If you want to discuss your new idea or curious about BOI’s new method, or our new safety protocols for this ‘new normal’, you can kindly fill the contact form below: