Indonesians’ Political Stances

Jakarta, 8 April 2022 – Kawula17, an issue-based voting advice application developed by researchers at BOI Research, continuously captures currently debated issues in public. Based on the second survey conducted in March, many Indonesians take a clear stance and give support towards issues like special leave for workers, sexual violence eradication, and law enforcement for corruptors.

Kawula17, a voting advice application made by four researchers from BOI Research, recently conducted its second survey among Indonesian. This survey includes several issues like gender and sexual violence eradication, labor, the role of KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) in eradicating corruption, and so forth.

With the rise of sexual assault cases in Indonesia, sexual violence issues are brought into limelight. Based on the Kawula17 recent findings, 9 out of 10 consider that Indonesia is facing an emergency on the issue of sexual violence (sexual harassment, rape, etc.). There is a need among the public for a regulation to prevent and handle sexual violence, as well as a demand for law enforcement and punishment for sexual violence perpetrators.

Regarding labor issues, the public shows strong support for special leave guarantees (menstrual leave, pregnancy leave, etc.) and implementation. About 9 out of 10 believe that special leave is a fundamental right for workers, and this is one of the many ways to ensure labor’s welfare. Around 4 out of 5 Indonesians also believe that Indonesia must issue a regulation to ensure the well-being of housemaids. As it is now, the domestic workers protection bill has yet to be legalized by the house of representatives (DPR).

Regarding corruption eradication issues, 8 out of 10 support life imprisonment for corruptors, especially related to political corruption. The KPK is also encouraged to have more authority during their investigation process, such as in arrest hand operation, tapping, etc.

Kawula17 also measures public political preferences (from scale 0 to 100) toward political parties, particularly the nine (9) parties currently own DPR seats. Based on the index, Kawula17 found that Partai Demokrat (35), PKB (32), and Golkar (30) are the top three political parties that are most relevant to the public’s stances. This result indicates that these three parties, especially Partai Demokrat, are the political parties that are most closest to people’s choices today.

The report of the survey can be found here.

The is conducted from March 16 to March 29, 2022, among 531 Indonesians aged 18-44 years, using the CASI (online survey) method with multi-stage quota sampling. The latest survey’s margin of error is 4.3% at a 95% confidence level.

Contact Person: Maria Angelica Christy Aka (Angel), researcher at BOI Research and co-founder of Kawula17.